Interim Management

Our experience in providing interim managers spans over 30 years. This is underpinned with a commitment to innovation, a passion for our work and a pride in service to both our clients and interims alike.

We place great emphasis on matching the right Interims dependent on the challenge, situation and environment. We also look at the optimum approach to a situation and accordingly the preferred leadership style. Whether a situation requires a collaborative, enabling or ‘blunt instrument’ approach or a blend of these styles, we assess our Interims and Associates accordingly.

Ensuring the avoidance of any dependency creation and ensuring the organisation has a sustainable succession is a key legacy requirement we look for in our approach and our interims.

We recognise our clients are operating in an increasingly unforgiving environment where the importance of ‘right first time’ has perhaps never been more crucial. We therefore strive to provide added value in ensuring we can support our clients to deliver through the use of our Interims. The shortages of genuinely skilled people continue, iPeople has therefore developed search mechanisms to discover top performers and hidden gems. 

We welcome challenging assignments and work hard to ensure no stone is unturned in ensuring we have quickly selected the right candidates. Allowing us exclusivity enables our being able to do a better job as we can then sift candidates against a set benchmark and in keeping with your key requirements – we can also offer a better price!

Our Public Sector clients have experienced a perfect storm situation with rising demand, lessening resource, increased expectations, and inspection rigour. Therefore, We have developed a continually evolving ‘Talent Pool’ of available Interims and Associates pre-assessed, proven and quickly available.

Examples include:

  • Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive
  • Executive Directors
  • Specialist Directors – People, Children, Adult, Housing, Commissioning etc.
  • Deputy and Assistant Directors
  • Heads of Service
  • Middle Managers

We place significant importance in our ability to deploy Interim Managers, by their very nature Interims are required to ‘hit the ground running’ and at the same time ensure they do not create a dependency.

We place a huge emphasis on assessing our Interims in line with our client requirements. As a result – we provide a short list of 1 or 2 exceptional choices as opposed to a long list of all available.

Our research and experience have resulted in our database being populated with top performers within the industry. We target these individuals through a series of measures and assessments in order to attract the strongest field for any position.

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