Project Teams

Although turnaround teams are seen as a relatively new concept, we first started deploying teams of high performing, high calibre personnel en bloc in the nineties.

We have seen an upturn for this solution recently however as a consequence of the competing pressures of high demand, lessening resource and increased regulatory requirements. Proven extra capacity at speed provides a much needed flexible resource. In turn providing much needed relief, expertise and know-how to the existing workforce preventing any issues from worsening.

We have therefore developed a ‘Talent Pool’ of high performers that are able to be quickly deployed and that are geographically mobile. Our Talent Pool approach provides us with top quartile candidates who have successfully passed our rigorous assessments.

We supplement this with project or line management as well as ‘SMART’ targets in keeping with our client’s needs. This therefore allows for an outcomes focused solution to staffing and potential for a divested model.