Our recruitment solutions are designed to offer the optimum range of solutions to any given requirement whether complex, high volume or niche.

iPeople’s experience in this field is demonstrated by providing over 30 years, innovative recruitment solutions by dedicated consultancy teams (a combined 75 years of recruitment experience) who are constantly looking to find recruitment solutions for our clients.

The search and selection work is particularly effective at delivering in historically difficult to recruit areas – the tougher the challenge the more we enjoy the task as this puts our recruitment teams to the test.

In contrast, where the candidate pool is wide, our selection methodologies are adept at ensuring the best candidate is secured. A recent example included an application pool of 247 candidates for 1 position.

We recruit for a wide variety of roles including: Directors, Assistant Directors, Head Of Service, Service Managers, Project/Senior Practitioners, Team Managers, and Social Workers.

All our sales consultants are dedicated recruitment specialists with over 75 years of combined recruitment experience whose knowledge and expertise ensure we deliver the right solution “first time – most of the time” to our UK wide clients.